Who We Are

Convert2MYOB is part of an international group of companies founded by a successful Australian entrepreneur in 2005, which provides dedicated accounting software conversions into MYOB.


Our directors have deep experience in accounting and service industries.  Managing Director, Mr. Tom Parkin, is an experienced executive across a variety of functions including Marketing, Sales Management, Finance and Operations.


He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and holds a Masters Degree in Business from MGSM as well as a Commerce degree from the University of Adelaide.  His working life has been shared between large multinational corporations and involvement in a number of innovative start up business giving him a unique perspective on the strategic approach to the management of SME’s.


As a 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Central Region for South Australia, and with experience and implementation success in expansion in multiple industries over 23 years, non-executive director Tim Vorbach has an established reputation and a track record of success in developing new concepts into major national commercial operations.  As a business founder and Managing Director of 12 diverse companies he built across Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and the United States, he has undertaken, operated and directed most functions and departments across a varied range of industries including medical, call centre, commercial contracting, media, HR, renewable energy, retail and direct sales.


While our senior management is based in Adelaide, our team of dedicated, CPA qualified conversion experts are based in The Philippines.


We understand the central role your accounting software plays in your business, and have as our key driver the need to have your file back to you as soon as possible, to minimize the disruption to your business.


Convert2MYOB is a partner of MYOB.

Convert2MYOB is not a registered tax agent or BAS agent and this data service does not constitute a BAS or tax service. You are responsible for reviewing and approving your data to ensure its accuracy once the data service is complete. For specific tax or BAS advice please consult your accountant or tax practitioner.

Convert2MYOB is in no way affiliated with or owned by MYOB.

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